About Us

Call it Panipuri, Golggappa or Puchka. This famous street snacks is popular across cities in India and one can hardly resist the temptation of having a plate or two. Puchka may be called the ‘king of chats’ but it still remains the forte of the unorganized sector & these tangy and tasty roadside delicacies are being considered unhygienic, an increasing
number of kiosks selling Puchka are visible in the Street side & food courts of Indian malls today. But Puchka lovers claim that these street foods are not hygienic. It occurred to us that if we can have places selling pizzas and burgers, why could we not have Panipuri/golgappa/Puchka places?” says Vinit. This is how Puchka Party was born.
So we think that here is big opportunity for street food industries startups. That’s why we decided
to start “Puchka Party” to provide fresh & hygienic products with quality and satisfaction. Puchka Party Started
by Vinit Sinha, Ankit Alok and Ankit Prashant Thakur in 4th August 2016 with Rs 8000. at Patna(Bihar). After starting
Puchka Party we have faced too many challenges sometimes lack of Funds & sometimes Co-founder leaved Company for further Studies. Within 6 months we got funding from some friends thanks to all for believing in our Vision at the early stage. Currently we operate through Kiosks/Stall and Outlets, Company needs to expand so we are looking for Series A Funding. Patna-based “Puchka Party” aims over 100 outlets at 10 Top Most Big city by 2020. We Developed a secure Franchise Model for Businessman.

Puchka Party is an Indian Restaurant Chain Of Premium Panipuri, Serving Premium and Hygienic Panipuri in 125 different varieties. Here at Puchka Party we are experimenting with Panipuries.

Puchka Party taps the unattended needs of the people who do not find fresh and hygienic Panipuri due to many unavoidable reasons. Our foremost mission is to provide them Premium & Hygienic Panipuri with Innovation, Comfort, Love & Satisfaction.